Cold Storage

Cold storage units can be used to store either a single commodity or multiple commodities. Depending on the entrepreneur’s financial health; it can be planned to store the produce entirely owned by him or on a rental basis or in a combination of the two. NABARD usually encourages cold storages where 70% of the capacity is available to farmers for storage on rentals. Financial viability of a unit depends upon the intended pattern of use and rental rate prevalent in an area. However, units entirely to be used by the owners are also considered for sanction. Considering 70:30 utilization of the capacity for rentals and own use, a 5000 MT capacity unit is considered as viable with the assumptions as indicated at Annexure II.

To set up a 5000 MT capacity cold storage unit although one acre of land may be adequate, it is always better to have two acres of land to take care of future expansions and waste management. While selecting the site care should be taken to select a site at an elevation free from inundation and well connected by road and other communication facilities to both production and consumption centers. The land should be of non-agricultural type and the soil at the site should be firm enough to carry the weight of the building and storage racks.

Modular Cold Room

Cold Rooms are standard preservation chambers built at the site to desired dimensions and cooling specifications. Cold Room is available in standard models and other sizes & for specific temperature requirement, Cold Room/Freezing Room is available in Temp. Range from -4°C to 18°C. The standard model is 2°C to 4°C and refrigeration unit is designed as per the Indian environmental conditions. Each panel section incorporated with the high-quality material. Doors are provided with a magnetic gasket and for lower temperature below Zero heaters in the door gasket is being provided.


  • Compressor
  • High Efficiency Condenser
  • Control Panel
  • Thermostatic Expansion Valve
  • Automatic Control of Temperature
  • 60 mm to 120 mm Puff Insulated panels
  • Digital Temperature Indicator.
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